Welcome to Spain and the "Land of the Sun" - Sunland

My name is Knut Arne Ribsskog, and I am the owner, active employee and founder of Sunland. I was born and grew up in Norway, but have been living and working in Spain for the last 22 years. I bought my first home in Spain in 1998. I speak several languages, such as Norwegian, English and Spanish.

My whole adult life, since I was 20 years old, was working on real estate. I have been involved in buying, rehabilitating and selling my own property for over 30 years in Norway. The last 22 years of rental and sale of properties in Spain, on the Costa Blanca coast.

I therefore have very good experience from the real estate industry. Not only on the sale of a property, but also on quality, and technical solutions.

Through Sunland we want to focus on what Spain really is - namely the "Land of the Sun" - with more than 300 days of sun a year, and an average temperature, one can only dream of in the north of Europe.

Spain also provides increased quality of life, not only through the good climate, but also through the healthy Spanish diet. I met an elderly man on the plane between Spain and Norway a few years ago. He had lived in Spain for over 25 years. He said; "I am sure I have extended my life by at least 10 years by living in Spain". It goes without saying, and it is certainly not without reason, that Spain is one of the countries with the highest life expectancy in the world.

In Spain, the people are always friendly and positive. Feeling welcome, I feel is very important, when choosing a home in a foreign country. Whether you need to move or just have a holiday home.

Buying property in a foreign country, such as Spain, can seem daunting to many. It is therefore important that you choose a broker with experience, and a local connection to the place, where you will buy a home. Furthermore, a broker who speaks your language and Spanish. We always recommend that you use a broker when buying property in Spain. The broker has a great overview of the market and knows the different developers. Do you want us to help you with this, then it is important that you contact us first. If you go directly to a Spanish developer and register, we unfortunately cannot assist you, in relation to this developer. The same applies if you register with another developer through another broker. Then you are tied up, to use the broker you first registered with.

The price is the same when purchased via Sunland or from the developer directly. Sunland gets paid from the developer, but you get a service and follow-up in your language. Should problems arise in the process, we are your helping hand, to resolve the matter. Solving any problems is not always easy, if you choose to operate on your own. This is why we strongly advise against this.

Furthermore, we will help ensure that you receive security, for payments during the process, when purchasing new buildings that have not been completed. All our real estate transactions are controlled and executed through a Spanish lawyer.

If you choose to buy a used home, then it is equally important to use a broker, who looks after the interests of both parties. Furthermore, to secure your payments so that they are not transferred to the seller until you have your «deed in the hand»

Buying property in Spain is safe, if you do it the right way. Something we at Sunland would like to help you with.

In Sunland, we will work seriously to safeguard all parties' interests through a real estate transfer. We put honesty, quality, speed and personal service first and foremost.

Our motto is that: "The best deal we do - when all parties are satisfied"

We therefore hope that you will contact us, whether you want to buy or sell a property in Spain.

We welcome you to Spain and us in the "Land of the Sun" - Sunland

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